GMF Meetings

Study on Judges

Join us on every second Saturday of the month as we learn through the book of Judges.

About Gethsemane Men’s Fellowship

Gethsemane Men’s Fellowship (GMF) is a ministry meant for the men of the church. GMF hopes to teach and build up faithful men in families, churches, workplaces, and every area of their calling, for the glory of God. May men everywhere be committed, godly leaders as God has commanded. Rise up, O men of God!

Next GMF Meeting

The Men’s Fellowship meets on every second Saturday of the month. We also organize seminars on various topics. We welcome you to join our fellowship meetings and programs. If you require further information, please call our church office at +65 6741 1910.

Meeting on 9th March 2019

Speaker: Pastor Prabhudas Koshy
Venue: Home of Bro Gerry Lee
Date & Time: Saturday, 9th March 2019, 4pm