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7th Apr 2019

Report & Testimonies

GCM Gospel Rally Report

30th March 2019 was an exciting day for many of us serving in Gethsemane Children’s Ministry (GCM) in our church. It was the first time where activities were being organised simultaneously at three respective locations.

This idea of having simultaneous activities at multiple locations was suggested by our pastor when he realised the difficulties of gathering our children at a particular location for Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) last year. As such, if GCM’s activities were held in locations demarcated by regions, it might be more convenient for parents to bring their children. Therefore, our children won’t have to struggle with much travelling in order to partake of the spiritual blessings which the world cannot offer!

With that in mind, the GCM Committee went about to deliberate the possible venue options and accompanying logistical considerations of having a decentralised event for the sake of our children and their friends. A gospel rally was organised with the intention of sharing the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, first to our own children and, at the same time, to their friends!

The GCM Committee would like to thank the LORD our God for the grace given to organise the gospel rally. As this was the first time we organised an event simultaneously at multiple locations, we truly thank God for the various hosts who enthusiastically opened their homes and booked the function rooms of their condominiums for this event. We also thank God for the helpers who volunteered in one way or another – from leading the songs to setting up the place, and dealing with logistic issues.

More importantly, we want to thank God for the parents who brought their children to hear the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, including the invited guests. Among the guests, we have Madam Hew and her children, Joyce and Joanna. They were invited by Mrs Chong, a regular worshipper. We also have Jacinda and her daughter Isabella, who are related to Brother Ricky Yang. Besides, Sister Bhel, who attends our Filipino Fellowship, also brought her friends, Macey, Lenie and Gloria, who came with Rebecca, Naicha and Alia, the respective children under their care. Later on, Sister Bhel’s employer and the toddler under her care came to join us over dinner. We took the opportunity to invite them to join us for worship on Sunday. In total, we had 62 adults, 28 children (including a two-year-old toddler) who attended across the three venues.

May the LORD our God be gracious to save some of those who have heard the Word concerning the all-important question: “Why did Jesus have to die?”.

In Christ’s service,
Pr Kelvin Lim

Testimonies of the 16th Bible Witness Retreat to Kerala, India

Amoz Choy

It was truly a great blessing to be part of the 16th Bible Witness Retreat in Kerala, India. I thank God for the six messages on the theme, “Church – A People of Prayer”, through which we heard God’s voice. In thanksgiving to God for His Word and as a reminder of the truths learnt, I would like to recount 4 key lessons learnt.

Firstly, we realise that there are souls that are given to our generation to save. God has given our spiritual forefathers lost souls to save in their generation, and by His enabling and the saints’ obedience, God has indeed saved them. In our generation, it is now up to us to preach the Gospel and reach out to the lost of our time. God has no other way to save the lost around us today but through the declaration of the Gospel – through us, the church!

Next, we learnt that preaching yields prayer, and prayer yields more preaching. They are likened to the two wings of a bird, both extremely vital and complementary for every church.

We also were taught that God’s decrees and promises do not negate the necessity of prayer on our part. It is part of God’s plan and will that we seek Him in prayer. We do not pray to the Lord because we do not believe His promises, but because we have faith and trust that He will accomplish His decrees.

Finally, we learnt that even in persecution, compromise is not the option. Rather, prayer is the divinely ordained means of help.

It was also a wonderful blessing to have the opportunity to meet and have Christian fellowship with Pastor Koshy’s parents and relatives. In this trip, we had the opportunity to see how God has truly worked in our pastor’s life and providentially brought him from so far away to have a far-reaching ministry in our midst. Indeed, God works in mysterious ways. May His name be greatly praised!

Jenice Choy

Praise and thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity of Bible Witness Retreat in India, where we were taught on the topic, ‘Church – A People in Prayer’. Thank God for the timely reminder on the importance of prayer, and how we ought not to forsake or neglect the priority of prayer and the Word. Truly, how many blessings we often miss when we forget to pray! Thank God also for a blessed time of fellowship with Pastor Reggor, Pr Sujith and friends from Vizag, and Pastor Koshy’s family and relatives. All glory be to God!

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