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26th Jan 2020

Mission Report on Gethsemane BPC Mission Work in Vizag, India

(Extracts of recently received correspondence from Pr Sujith Samuel)

We thank God for helping Gethsemane B-P Church, Singapore, to finish the renovation works of the new premises in Singapore and begin the work for the further extension of God’s kingdom. May the Lord use this new place for His glory.

The last semester’s classes of Gethsemane Bible Institute (GBI, Vizag, India) ended on 14th November 2019. Most of the students attended the examination. We will be conducting a supplementary examination for those who needed more time to complete their assignments. Many of them were taking theological examinations for the first time, which understandably was a difficult experience for them.

The classes for the new semester (Jan-April, 2020) of GBI have begun. We have 14 students this semester. Thank you very much, Pastor, for making available your video courses, class materials, financial support and guidance needed for the work here. FEBC online classes are also very helpful for the students. The students are very happy to study many subjects offered by GBI and FEBC. We are also planning and getting ready to have live classes with you through Skype. We eagerly look forward to having this facility soon.

Since the second week of November 2019, a Telugu worship service has been conducted after the English Service held on Sunday morning. Pastor Thomas, who is one of our students, is helping to organise it. Bro Joshua, a local man, is very interested in bringing more people to the Telugu service. He is trying to spread the word especially among his relatives and friends.

I have been invited by Pastor David to preach in his church during the Christmas service, and again in the coming week. My Christmas ministry in his church was a blessed experience. The believers gathered in a small room belonging to a member of Pastor David’s church to hear me preaching. That’s where the church meetings are currently held. Because there is insufficient space for their gatherings, they decided to construct a small meeting place on top of the house. The total estimate for the work is around Rs 200,000 (SGD 4,000). They had already finished half of the work by raising funds from church members and friends. It will be good if we can extend some help to them in finishing the work. The pending work includes painting, electrical works, bathroom works, etc.

This semester, the following subjects are offered:

  1. Ecclesiology (GBI online),
  2. Eschatology (GBI online),
  3. The Book of Revelation,
  4. Biblical Covenants,
  5. Calvin’s Institutes,
  6. Minor Prophets, and
  7. Westminster Standards.

Since more students have joined GBI this semester, we need to purchase some new tables and chairs. Our office computer is also failing. It will be good if we can buy a new PC for the office and GBI.

Thank you for all the prayers and support for the work here. May the Lord guide and help us forward.

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