History of Gethsemane Ladies Fellowship

The beginning of Gethsemane Ladies’ Fellowship can be traced to a small group of about five ladies who gathered together to pray knowing that the Christian life can be a constant struggle and battle. They met in the homes of those five ladies on rotation to pray for themselves, their families and the church in general. They came to be known in the church as LPG (Ladies’ Prayer Group).

In a short period of time, LPG started to reach out to new ladies and held prayer meetings in their homes. Soon LPG grew in number; and the preachers and elders of the church were invited to provide exhortations from the Word of God. To help ladies who needed counsel and clarification of doubts, LPG also included a Question and Answer (Q &A) session after every message. After the learning of the Word, ladies prayed in small groups.

In 2010, a committee was formed, as advised by our Pastor, in order to plan and organize special programs to the increasing number of sisters in the church. Pastor urged the committee to hold seminars to educate ladies more deeply in God’s Word; and also to conduct regular visitations of sisters to provide biblical counselling and prayer support. To better represent the goals and activities of this ministry, it has been renamed Gethsemane Ladies’ Fellowship. We thank God that all those activities suggested by Pastor are now enthusiastically carried out, and as a result sisters receive much spiritual blessings through them. We rejoice that sisters from other churches also join our activities, and have testified of the blessings they have received.