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21st Mar 2020

Philippians 4:6b


Philippians 4:6b

6b But in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.


Herein we have the remedy to the terrible malady of anxiety. Prayer helps us to battle anxiety and get rid of it from our hearts. By praying to God, we can repress anxiety. Prayer frees us from anxiety.

Prayer is the expression of our faith in the Lord. We tell the Lord all our needs and troubles in prayer because we trust in His help, which He has promised. When we pray, we affirm that God cares for us, and that His care for us is the best. Every praying man declares that no one ever cares for him like his God. When the heart is taught to believe in the good providence of God and encouraged to express that faith by communing with God in prayer, anxiety will naturally be resisted and driven out.

We are instructed that “in every thing” we must pray. “Don’t be anxious about anything, but pray about everything!” is the divine counsel. There are some who pray only when great needs or troubles come upon them. If we do not pray in everything, even what appears to be a “small matter” can fill our heart with anxiety and wreck our peace. Nothing is too small to destabilise our life; hence, nothing is too small to bring to God. If we are ready to believe that nothing is too great for God to care for, then let us also believe that nothing is too small for us to confide in Him. God, who made this gigantic universe, also cares for the tiny sparrows.

Prayer is the soul’s believing and reverential approach unto God. It consists of supplication, thanksgiving, etc. The word “prayer” denotes general prayer, which is a humble and reverential approach to God for help. The word “supplication” denotes a plea for a specific matter, thus expressing one’s craving for divine supply in his life. The word “thanksgiving” denotes grateful expressions of joy and confidence in God which honour and please God.

It is with thanksgiving that we ought to make our requests known to God. A prayer without thanksgiving is a selfish prayer. Can it be right to pray for benefits and never honour our Benefactor? Thanksgiving will prevent us from being preoccupied with our wants, and it will fill our minds with the praise of our benevolent God. Do not offer a formal prayer to submit a wish list. Let your prayers be “perfumed” with praise. In our sufferings, let us sing His praise and pray. Take the hymn book and sing as you pray.

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