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19th Mar 2020

Isaiah 26:4


Isaiah 26:4

Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.


Dark clouds of calamities were gathering over the people of Israel. The peril that the LORD had warned for so long was almost upon them. However, the prophet encouraged the genuine believers among them with these words: “Trust ye in the LORD for ever”. He was urging the believers to keep and rest their confidence in the LORD at all times, even in times of adversity, affliction, persecution, poverty, ridicule or any kind of trial.

Trusting in the LORD always, come what may, indicates our submission to His will. It means we are assured that whatever He wills to do in our lives is right. This was the spirit of the patriarch Job who (amidst all his trials) could say, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him” (Job 13:15). When besieged by many troubles, we must habitually put our trust in Him, cleaving to Him and seeking to please Him to prove our unwavering faith in Him. In pain, let us call on Him. In anxiety, let us hope in Him. In weakness, let us lean on Him for strength. Trust the LORD for everything and with everything.

The encouragement to trust in the LORD is also given in our text. It tells us, “for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength”. Our encouragement to trust the LORD at all times is based on the everlasting strength of God. In order to strengthen our confidence in the LORD, His name is here emphasised and exalted as “the LORD JEHOVAH”. In the original Hebrew text, we have a repetition of the name JEHOVAH (Yâhovah) – first, a contracted form of the name (yah), and then the name (Yâhovah). The purpose of employing both forms of the name is to call emphatic attention to all that His name implies – His glory, power, wisdom, holiness, mercy, faithfulness, etc. – and to excite the highest admiration and confidence. He is the unchanging covenantal God of His people in all circumstances.

Moreover, we are reminded that there is everlasting strength in the LORD JEHOVAH. The phrase “everlasting strength” in the Hebrew text literally reads “the rock of ages”. The idea is that God is firm and unchangeable like an eternal rock, and therefore we can count on Him as our ever-present help. The LORD JEHOVAH is a safe refuge for us to run into when the storms and tempests of trouble blow hard against us. Let us find our strength in the Almighty, the LORD JEHOVAH. We are strong when we trust in our eternally mighty God. Let us cultivate an unflinching trust in an unchanging God!

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