March 19, 2023

Testimonies of New Members

Written by:
Rev (Dr) Prabhudas Koshy

Jeremy Chan

By the grace of God, I was born into a Christian family and brought up in a Bible-believing church. For as long as I can remember, Christianity has always been a significant part of my life growing up.

However, I was not spared from some of the potential pitfalls faced by second-generation Christians. Growing up in church, I had said the sinner’s prayer many times with my Sunday school teachers, but still wasn’t exemplifying and living out the Christian life outside of Sundays.

It was only in my early twenties that there was a significant evidential change in my life. There was an interest in the reading and studying of God’s Word that wasn’t there before. Attending Sunday service, Bible studies, and fellowship meetings became more than just a routine, accompanied with a desire to be instructed by the Word of God. It was an eventual realisation of the release from the grip of sin, and finally experiencing peace with God after all these years. “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1).

The Lord first led me to Gethsemane BPC in 2012, having heard Pastor Koshy preach during my time in Teenz and YF. However, it was only during the COVID period that I began attending more regularly together with my wife, Sandra. Throughout our time here, we’ve been greatly blessed by the messages which place emphasis on how we should be seeing our life here on earth through the lens of God’s Word. The warm reception shown by the members at Gethsemane BPC to both my wife and myself also helped us assimilate into the family of God here.

We look forward to growing more in the Lord and serving Him here in Gethsemane BPC.

Sandra Wong

I first heard about God during my preschool years. Despite coming from an unbelieving family, my parents had placed me in a Christian kindergarten, by the grace of God. It was during my time in school that I first heard about His goodness – and how He loves the little children, as we sang to the lyrics in ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and gave thanks before every meal. Even though I knew that God existed, I did not associate the singing of hymns nor the giving of thanks to His perfect goodness or to the Gospel. 

God continued to draw me closer to Him as I progressed on to a Christian primary school. It was then that I first experienced His goodness. My classmate had shared, with a hopeful demeanour, that her grandmother had passed on. Puzzled, I asked her why she was smiling, to which she responded, “Because God is with her in heaven, where we will meet again.” That was the first time I witnessed the goodness of Christ in His turning ‘death’ - a supposed fear of all men - into faith, hope and joy. Ever since that day, I would always seek Him, though lacking in spiritual knowledge, during times of darkness. Looking back, I realised it was God’s special favour upon me, in allowing that exchange between two young girls to take place and ultimately calling me to commence on my walk with Him. 

However, even though I started to identify myself as a believer, my life had not been freed from sin. Despite saying the sinner’s prayer in church during a Christmas service (which I was invited to as a teenager), my desires continued to be worldly. I thank God for eventually leading me to a Bible-believing church in my late twenties - and for prompting me to eventually seek baptism. I was exposed to His Word regularly, and by God’s grace, I found my life deeply nourished by the added knowledge of His Word. I experienced significant changes in my life, which has since revolved around a motivation to be a holy witness for Christ to point my unsaved loved ones to Him. 

God eventually led my husband and me to attend Gethsemane BPC more regularly during COVID - a period when access to in-person worship was scarce, yet even more precious. We thank God for Gethsemane BPC’s dedication to allow as many of God’s people as possible to worship within His house. We have been greatly blessed by the messages preached by Pastor Koshy, which have enabled us (through understanding Christ’s love for us) to continue to love and serve each other through our marriage. We have also been truly blessed by the warm fellowship extended to us by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in Gethsemane. We thank God for calling us to Gethsemane BPC, and hope to continue growing in the Lord here.

Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Church adheres to the system of faith commonly known as the “Reformed Faith” as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.
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