March 26, 2024

Matthew 6:31

Written by:
Rev (Dr) Prabhudas Koshy


Matthew 6:31

31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?


Often we are very concerned about what we shall eat, drink or clothe ourselves with. Such concerns about our mundane provisions have seldom been thought of as an evil matter. But our Lord Jesus reproves us for being anxious about the provision of even basic necessities. If the Lord prohibits anxiety about gaining such essential things for our life, how much more condemnable would be our craving for luxuries of life. Uneasiness and displeasure created by an inordinate desire for material extravagance would surely be severely condemned by our Lord.

God’s children should live in quiet dependence and confidence in Him. This quiet dependence on God translates into our happiness, usefulness, strength and security. There are great spiritual advantages in not being fretful over our daily provisions but trusting God for them. When we depend on Him for our daily supplies, we will find ourselves strengthened and growing in faith. We will also experience greater confidence and courage to attempt great things which God would have us to undertake.

There is no advantage in excessive carefulness. Worrying not only destroys our happiness, but also proves us to be without faith and confidence in the goodness of our Lord. It will also lead us to many evils, such as bitterness, murmuring, covetousness, jealousy, envy and theft. Anxiety does us harm. It can numb our minds from conducting ourselves wisely, and push us into hurtful imaginations, speech and behaviour.

Christians ought to rely on God’s Fatherly care. They must exercise confidence in God and expect that He will bestow upon them whatever is necessary for them. If they do not constantly teach their hearts to look to God for help and provisions, they will fall into despair and gloom.

Brethren, believe in God’s promises and dispel your anxiety. If you truly believe in the goodness and faithfulness of God, you will not be tormented by unnecessary anxiety. It is incongruent to say that you believe in God and His promises, and yet worry whether He would grant you what He promises. The Lord forbids all His people from being anxious. Instead, He wants you to trust Him to protect you and provide for you. Remind yourself of God’s goodness and faithfulness, and stay happy in Him. Why worry when you can trust and pray to an ever-benevolent God?


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