I Will Sing of the Mercies of the LORD

Written by Gary Poh

“I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations” (Psalm 89:1).

Indeed, I am very thankful to the Lord for saving me and making me His child, and also giving this opportunity to declare His gracious works in my life.

Before I came to the Lord, I was a gangster and a drug addict, having been in and out of prison 6 times and spending 8 – 10 years in prison altogether. While being enrolled in a rehabilitation programme in a “halfway-house” in 2001, I became a Christian, and was baptised. Then I came to TGCM, and became a member in Gethsemane B-P Church. However, I have not fully yielded in repentance.
I was in and out of “halfway-houses” for almost 7 years, abusing myself with heroin and other drugs. I was so dejected and at my wits’ end that I wanted to end my shameful and meaningless life by jumping down from a HDB flat! It was at that moment that the Lord caused me to remember His love. I cried and prayed in bitterness over my sins and was reminded of a Christian brother’s contact number. On 9 August 2009 (which was a vivid date in my life), I was taken into a good “halfway-house”.

I was determined to make good this time and make a change in my life. I stayed and was trained there for almost 5 years. Still, there were areas of my life that needed to be sanctified. I lost my temper and got into trouble with those around me. Ashamed of my dishonourable testimony, I decided to leave that “halfway-house”, though my heart was very much in love with the leaders, mentors and friends there, who too were reluctant to let me go.

At that time of great upheaval in my heart, the Lord put the thought of returning to The Gethsemane Care Ministry. When I stepped into its Punggol gates in October 2013, it had been almost 4 years since I left. By “the mercies of the LORD”, I grew in His Word and fellowship. I am particularly thankful for the privilege of attending the Gethsemane Bible Institute classes on Wednesday nights. Words cannot express the blessings of learning and understanding the Bible. It opened my eyes to see that I am a filthy scum, and the only way of escape is to walk in the knowledge of Christ and His truth. The sound Biblical teachings I receive in TGCM and the church have enabled me to rejoice in His grace, wisdom, truth and righteousness.
Furthermore, the fellowship of the saints accorded to me has cheered my heart to walk aright in the ways of God. Conversations with God’s people (however short they may be), attending the church fellowship meetings, playing a game of soccer with Christian friends, etc., can do wonders to a despondent soul like me. Tuesday night prayer meetings have also been a great means of grace to me to grow in understanding of my faith and to commit myself to the will of God.

Lastly, I would like to thank God for our pastor, who shepherds the church and TGCM with the love of God, teaches us sound doctrines. I praise God also for Gethsemane B-P Church where I can worship, serve and grow in the Lord.

Having failed almost all my life, the present blessedness in Christ that I enjoy fills my heart with a unbounded desire to be used of Him for His glory. There is one thing that I daily plead in my prayers – that I will not only remember “the mercies of the LORD” all the days of my life, but also that I will sing of His mercies till I meet my Lord and Saviour face to face. Amen.

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