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4th Nov 2018

Update on Gethsemane Bible Institute in Ethiopia

Dear Rev. Koshy and the Session of Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Church, Singapore,

Heartfelt greetings in the blessed name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Praise God that you are all well and that the work of the Lord in your midst is prospering. The mission church here in Ethiopia is also progressing well. Below is a brief update on the progress of the work of the Lord here in GBI-Ethiopia.

We praise God for the continued support we have been receiving from Gethsemane BPC to provide for the various works of the ministry in Ethiopia. May the Almighty God bless Gethsemane for the work of love she has been doing for the sake of Christ’s name. It is our prayer that your sacrificial giving and prayer support will bear enduring fruits that will bring glory to our blessed Lord and Saviour.

Here are some updates and prayer requests:

  1. Update on the work in Gethsemane Bible Institute (I have attached some recent photos of our class activities.)
    1. By God’s grace, the teaching and learning process is going on well. At the beginning of this year, we had 7 trainees in the full-time and 16 trainees in the part-time programmes. Out of this number, 3 part-timers had dropped out.
    2. Last term, 2 full-time and 4 part-time students finished their training. God willing, these 6 students will be graduating on 16th January 2019. This will be the 3rd graduation of GBI-Ethiopia.
    3. This new term, by God’s special blessing, we have received 24 new full-time and 4 new part-time students. This is the largest intake since GBI has begun. Now, we have 29 fulltime and 14 part-time students in our GBI training programmes. God willing, we will have more full-timers next term.
    4. Full-time students receive fully-subsidised training, as their tuition and boarding fees, as well as expenses for handouts, are all covered by the financial support we receive from Gethsemane BPC. For their meals, some of the full-time students are supported by their sending churches while others are supported by GBI.
    5. The main expenses that we incur in GBI include buying stationery, printing and copying notes (which students receive for free), buying different office equipment, books for library and graduation gowns, as well as buying beds and utensils for boarding students, buying sanitary supplies, supporting needy students, giving honorarium for instructors, etc. God has been graciously providing for all the needs of the ministry through the sacrificial giving of Gethsemane BPC. Praise God for His timely and gratefully received gifts through His people!
  2. Prayer requests for the following items:
    1. For good health, strength, and spiritual wisdom for instructors (Rev. Ephrem, Preacher Engida and Dn Imane).
    2. For the transformation of the lives, hearts and minds of students so that they may know the Truth assuredly, love it wholeheartedly and live it out faithfully.
    3. For the students, that they may be in good health, in unity and harmony among themselves, and display Christ-likeness to our members and people around them.
    4. For the new students who have applied to join GBI next term, God willing.
    5. For more faithful, called and qualified instructors to join GBI faculty. There is a dire need in these perilous times to train more of God’s servants. At present, all the class work is being carried out by the three of us, who are also occupied with other pastoral duties in the church.
    6. For especially the connection of the power line that has been delayed till now because of the corruption in the government.
    7. For provision of other qualified and faithful instructors for GBI. Truly, teaching full-time, evening and Saturday classes by a few of us has been challenging. (Yet, praise God for all the grace He has given us each day!)
    8. For God’s provision for the different expenses of the work of the Lord in GBI.
    9. For the 3rd graduation exercise to be held on 16th January, 2019.

Please convey our regards to all Gethsemaneans and friends.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Ephrem Chiracho
(on behalf of Gethsemane BPC and GBI, Ethiopia)
22 October 2018

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