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Exhortation-English - 2016

Getting to Know Our Ministries


Written by Rev (Dr) Prabhudas Koshy Sunday, 17 January 2016

In the past one year, especially in the recent months, the Lord has brought more worshippers to Gethsemane BPC. We warmly welcome all lovers of Christ and His Word to our beloved church. Our desire and prayer is that all worshippers will be ministered and will have opportunities to serve and thus be a blessing to others for the glory of Christ. By God’s grace, Gethsemane’s various church ministries and fellowship groups are well-placed to help all the worshippers to fulfil those goals. In the coming weeks, we would publish brief introductions and reports on the ongoing activities of the ministries and fellowship groups...

Gethsemane Young Mothers (GYM)


Written by Rev (Dr) Prabhudas Koshy Sunday, 10 January 2016

Last year, several of our married young couples became parents and began a new phase in life with all its joys and challenges. Some of the mothers with infants began meeting together on a regular basis to pray and encourage one another. It is also their desire that more young mothers would benefit from such a gathering. This is indeed an excellent effort – one which the Pastor and the Session are most delighted to support and guide so that it may be better organized and more effective...

Youth Camp 2015 Testimonies


Sunday, 03 January 2016

(Continued from last week)

Dorcas Koshy (from Singapore)

Praise God for this youth camp; it was a rare opportunity of a lifetime to be so thoroughly girded with the armour of truth against the onslaughts of the wicked one. Every sermon was so filled with the richness of the truth of God’s Word that I will fail to recount all the wonderful lessons learnt out of His clear Word.

During the opening sermon on “Worldliness and its Dangers”, one of my greatest fears was addressed - the fear that I may return to the sins of my pre-conversion enslavement (it is not worthy to be called ‘life’). “For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...

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