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Pastoral 2013

Pangasinan Mission Report


“Let thy work appear unto thy servants, and thy glory unto their children. And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.” — Psalm 90:16-17

The above verses from Psalm 90:16-17 summarise my earnest desire and prayer during my recent mission trip to Pangasinan. Every church work is God’s work. The Lord establishes the work of the hands of His servants upon them. He prepares and orders all things, and reveals His work before His servants. Truly, if the work is of the Lord, all things will fall into their proper places.

I went to Pangasinan for a period of ten days (Nov 18-29, 2013) to renew our fellowship with some of our contacts there and also to look for a suitable place for the new mission work that Gethsemane BPC is planning to establish. Our church and, particularly, our brethren in the Gethsemane Filipino Fellowship have been praying for a mission outreach in Pangasinan for almost five years. Some worshippers in our church, who are from the northern regions of the Philippines, have been praying for the Gospel to reach their family members. It is our prayer that the Lord will use us to evangelize Pangasinan and her neighbouring towns.

God has enabled me to meet with our contacts and conduct Bible Study for them. 7 adults and 6 children attended Bible Study sessions held at Sister Cecille’s residence. Another Bible Study was held at the home of Sister Liza who attends True Life B-P Church; and it was attended by 5 adults and 3 children. During the Gospel Rally, 42 adults and 12 children heard the Gospel preaching. 24 of them were college students. God willing, in my future ministry in this place, I plan to evangelize the family of Sis Lolita, the helper of Sis Priscilla Kim. Her home is a 30-minute ride from the place and we hope to start the mission work.

I was brought to a two-storey bungalow available for rental. It is situated within the vicinity of the city; and is suitable for our mission activities. There are sufficient rooms for church service and children’s classes. Its living room can comfortably accommodate 50 people for worship. If the Lord is pleased to bring more souls, we can use the dining hall as an extension of the worship place and 20 more seats can be added. The house can accommodate fellowship meetings and other church ministries, such as the children’s ministry. We can hold the children’s ministry in the open space located on the second level. It can hold 40-50 children. The house has enough room for parsonage and church office as well.

If the Lord permits, we can also start a Gospel outreach to students of the Maritime College, which is adjacent to the house. It has more than one thousand enrollees. Interestingly, the owner of the college and the house is the same person. The house even has an access way from behind leading to the college. The school authorities are not against our Gospel preaching and the owner has given us the permission to minister God’s Word to the students. They will even allow us to use one of the classrooms for our Gospel Rally, free of charge. Thank God for moving their hearts.

Gethsemane’s ministry is heard even before we start the ministry. When I went to one Christian bookshop in Pangasinan, I asked the shop manager whether I could leave our Bible Witness magazines and Web Radio cards for people to freely take. He readily permitted me to do so. Later, when I delivered some Bible Witness magazines, an evangelical pastor who was there browsed through the magazines and found them helpful in his ministry. He requested for them for his church’s use.

The Lord also providentially arranged for me to have a chat with the security guard of the college. When we invited him and his buddy for dinner, he revealed to me that he was a backsliding Christian. I encouraged him to rededicate his life and follow the Lord and also encouraged him to come and worship with us when we start our mission work.

Brethren, the Lord has led me all through this recce mission trip, which I have made in view of starting a Gospel work soon in Pangasinan. Let us pray for God’s further blessing upon our effort to start this new work for the salvation of souls. Pray also for the preservation of young believers in Pangasinan. All glory to our Almighty God.




Thanksgiving for Church Camp 2013: Providence of Grace in Times of Trial


Praise God for this year-end church camp in which I was greatly thankful for the sweet fellowship with church brethren who extended their warmth and love so unreservedly. I thank the Lord for the hard work of the camp organising committee and do appreciate especially the various morning devotion preachers as well as the camp speakers, Pastor Koshy and Rev Paul Cheng, who laboured hard for these sobering messages. I am very blessed to be able to have had time this December to attend the church camp, to be awakened to my spiritual lethargy through the messages. And in such, I praise the Lord for the timeliness of the camp as well which has prepared my heart and spirit for the advent of the next year whereby a new job posting will most certainly present new trials and difficulties. May the Lord help me not to lean upon my own understanding, to deem myself self-reliant and self-sufficient, to think mistakenly that fighting my own battles is a worthy act of strength and boldness acceptable unto God. Instead, that is most foolish – stubborn disobedience and human hubris manifest in direct defiance of God’s command for us to lean upon Him in all times of difficulty so that we may grow in grace, faith, wisdom and spiritual maturity. Christ is and must be the master of my heart. I pray that the Holy Spirit will constantly keep my heart obedient to the constraining power of the Saviour’s love and thus from being a worthless counterfeit. The Lord is our refuge and strength. All thanks, praise and honour be unto God.

Davina Lim