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Pastoral 2013

Follow Christ! Be Fishers of Men


Though many may talk about evangelism, only a few persistently engage in reaching out to persuade others to follow Christ. I am convinced that one of the major reasons for the lack of zeal and success in evangelism is the fact that many in the church themselves are not following Christ. One’s lack of zeal and fruitfulness in evangelism is evidence of his spiritual waywardness.

Didn’t Jesus say, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19)? Unless you follow Jesus, you will not be “fishers of men” for Him. How can you ever impress anyone about the glory of Jesus if you do not wholeheartedly and passionately follow Him? How can you convince another about the joy and peace that is in Christ if you have been wandering away from Him?

Christ’s promise that “I will make you fishers of men” is given only to those who follow Him. Christ would not work through men whose lives are worldly. If you desire the salvation of your children, follow Christ in all matters of life while you urge them to come to Christ. Otherwise, you will teach your children how not to follow Jesus.

Lip service to Jesus Christ is futile! Get real in your Christian living. Love the Lord with all your heart and follow His voice (His Word) always. If you abide in His Word, He will use you mightily to bring others to Christ. Jesus said in John 15:5, “He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”

Gethsemaneans, follow closely ‘the Greatest and the Grandest Fisher of men’, ye shall be fisher of men indeed!

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Appreciation for Bible Witness

Dear Rev (Dr) Das Koshy,

Greetings in the Lord’s blessed and precious name.

Sorry for not writing to you for quite sometime. But my prayers are always with you and the other lecturers at the Far Eastern Bible College. I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU to you for the informative and educative copies of the Bible Witness which you regularly send to me. I give some of the copies to my church elders. They also greatly appreciate the inspiring and systematic messages in them. May the Lord be praised for the “power of the pen” which the Lord has graciously given you.

I thank the Lord for the various gospel opportunities which the good and great God has graciously opened before Gethsemane B-P Church, both locally and globally.

The Bible Witness keeps me informed of the Lord’s doing in and through you as well as through the church.

Here at Mitaboni (Kenya) where I am serving the Lord, I have seen the Lord blessing His work to the praise and honour of His holy and precious name. I am still teaching at BCEA (Nairobi), and travel home over the weekend for the pastoral ministries. As a church, we have established an orphanage in our premises and now, we have a total of 40 orphans. I thank God for some of them who have confessed Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour and have been baptized. They are actively involved in the church activities, and they make sure that the church is clean always. All to the praise and glory of the Lord...

May the Lord richly bless and keep you strong in the grace which is in Christ Jesus.

In Christ’s love,
Rev Masila

Pastor’s note : Rev Masila is a
graduate of FEBC. He serves the
Lord as a lecturer in the Bible College
of East Africa, Kenya, and as a
pastor of a local congregation.

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Blessed by the Bible Witness Media Ministry

Dear brethren serving in the Bible Witness Media Ministry,

We thank God for the Bible Witness Media Ministry which has been sending us the magazines all these years without fail. We have been so blessed by the articles and stories of God’s servants made simple for children with beautiful drawings and designs done by your team of co-workers, and we would like to remain on the mailing list.

Thank God for all the hard and heart work that all the brethren there have put in to make this work a success, “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12-13).

May the LORD continue to prosper the Bible Witness Media Ministry for the nurturing of saints and the saving of souls in these last days till He comes!

May the Lord grant Rev Dr Prabhudas Koshy and every one under his leadership increasing joy, wisdom, patience and strength to fulfil His divine will according to all that He has ordained for you to do before the foundation of the world, to the praise and glory of His Name!

His servant,
Rev Robert Peh
Chiang Mai, Thailand
29 July 2013

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A New Missionary-in-Charge of Churches in Bogo and San Antonio

Dear Pastor Koshy, Session members and brethren of the Gethsemane B-P Church, Singapore,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise be to the Lord who has granted us salvation and grace to serve Him. The Lord has been so good in that He has sustained me in His service in The Gethsemane Care Ministry. All throughout the almost four years of serving Him in The Gethsemane Care Ministry, He has led and guided me. By the grace of God, through His leading and guidance, I have also learned much in serving Him.

The Lord has once again guided and led me to serve the churches in Bogo and San Antonio, which were set up by our beloved late Pr Dominino. Much as I would like to resist God’s leading and guidance to serve in these churches, the providence of God has made it apparent and clear to me that it is His will for me to serve in these churches. Adding to these is the increased burden for the brethren in both Bogo and San Antonio during the course of co-labouring with Pr Dominino for the past almost two years. After much prayer with my wife, I yielded to God’s calling for me to serve in these two churches as Missionary-in-Charge. I know of the challenges in overseeing a church, more so in these two churches, for oftentimes Pr Dominino would share his struggles and challenges with me. However, one thing I have learned from him that had kept him serving despite the difficult challenges is that one has to be sure about God’s calling of service. “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24). I am very sure and it is made clear to me that the events that had transpired were more than just a coincidence, for it is God who has called me to serve Him in these two churches. I praise and thank God for the brethren and Pastor Koshy who prayed for me when they were in Bogo to attend the funeral of Pr Dominino.

By the grace of God, the Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Mission Church, Bogo, will be commemorating its 5th year as a church this Sunday (28 July 2013). It is with great joy that I enjoined you and all the brethren of the mother church to rejoice together with us on this joyous occasion. Incidentally, there will be a commissioning of the missionary during the said thanksgiving anniversary service. While we rejoice on this occasion, I also request your prayers for me and the church as we press on together in the years to come if the Lord tarries.

Sincerely in Christ’s service,
Elder Eliezer Ortega
27th July 2013

Pastor’s note : Elder Eliezer Ortega
has been appointed as Missionary-in-Charge
of the Gethsemane B-P Mission
Churches in Bogo and San Antonio.