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Pastoral 2013

Pastoral Chat


Gethsemane Chinese Ministry
Sunday, 28 July

Next Lord’s day, we will have a combined service with our Chinese Ministry to praise God for its 10th anniversary. Let us all come together with thankful hearts on that day. We praise God for Pr Daniel Lim’s relentless efforts in the Chinese ministry. We also thank Him for those who labour as preachers of the Word; worship chairmen; pianists; ushers; providers of refreshment and other helpful support for the worship services on Sunday. May the Lord be pleased to bless the efforts of our brethren to reach out to more Chinese-speaking people with the Gospel.

Since its inception, the Lord’s hand of blessing has made it a fruitful and effective ministry. Through this ministry, scores of men and women, particularly those who are aged, have been brought to Christ. The Chinese Ministry has enhanced the overall work of Gethsemane B-P Church. Many of the worshippers in the Chinese service actively participate in the weekly gatherings of Gethsemane Seniors’ Ministry.

I believe that the Lord will accomplish greater things through the Gethsemane Chinese Ministry in the years to come. Let us pray for this ministry that the Lord will protect and preserve it for His glory.

Youth Gospel Outreach
Saturday, 10 August

On 10th of August, Gethsemane Youth Fellowship will be holding a Gospel outreach, particularly to evangelize their friends and relatives. The GYF committee is hard at work on this Gospel event. We praise God that the Lord has provided a place – City Beach Resort. God willing, I will bring the message “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” from Luke 13:1-5.

Dear youths, in the recent youth camp, God’s Word has convinced us of the need to rise up with boldness and determination to spread the Gospel. He has given us wonderful promises to be with us to aid us in the work of preaching His Word to lost souls. Will you not joyfully and dutifully respond to all that the Lord has graciously taught so that you may become instrumental in the salvation of your friends who are lost in sin and will therefore face God’s judgment?

The GYF committee and I will be praying for you as you make every effort to bring as many friends as possible to this Gospel event. Spare no effort in inviting and persuading your friends to come and hear the Gospel. Share your testimony of the joy and peace in having the assurance of salvation that Jesus gives. Prayerfully do your best for this Gospel outreach. May the words of the Lord that we have learned in the youth camp strengthen you to go and invite your friends – “But the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak” (Jeremiah 1:7).

GAF Seminar
Saturday, 27 July

A series of seminars on ‘Biblical History’ is planned by Gethsemane Adults’ Fellowship. Here is an excellent opportunity for you to have a good grasp of the historical background of the Bible. Gaining knowledge of the biblical history will help you to understand what is recorded in the Bible. These seminars planned by GAF will provide a chronological tour through the Bible from Creation to the Apostolic times.

The first of this series will cover the biblical history from Creation till the end of the period of judge. A course on Biblical history is of utmost importance to every Christian who desires to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.

We thank God that 90 people have already signed up for this seminar. In order to help parents with children to attend the seminar, a concurrent children’s programme is also organized by the Gethsemane Children’s Ministry. If you have not registered yet, I would like to encourage you to decide quickly to attend this seminar and register today.

Teacher Training Seminar
Friday, 9 August

All teachers who serve with Gethsemane Children’s Ministry are required to attend the Teacher Training Seminar that will be held on 9th August. (Please take note of the details in the announcement page). The first part of this seminar is meant for new teachers who have joined the GCM’s teaching ministry (since 2011); and it will be conducted by Preacher Kelvin Lim. The second part of the seminar is for all teachers who are presently ministering to the children; and I will be teaching on the topic, “Biblical principles for being an effective teacher of children.” All who are interested to learn from this seminar are also welcome to join us. Please register today at the reception table. If you would like to know more about this seminar, please see Dn Kelvin today.

TGCM’s 8th Anniversary Thanksgiving
Thursday, 8 August

Please plan to attend the thanksgiving service of The Gethsemane Care Ministry, our Gospel outreach to those who are ensnared by drugs, vices and crimes. This event will have a time of worship, preaching of the Gospel, and testimonies of men whom the Lord has delivered through the Gospel. Bring along your friends and relatives. This will be an excellent opportunity to magnify the Lord and His saving power before others. Please be there on 8th August (Thursday, 7.30pm). Continue to pray and support TGCM.