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Pastoral 2012



Church Camp 2012

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD...” (Psalm 92:1).

I am thankful to the Lord for enabling me to attend our year-end church camp this year after missing out on it for the past 10 years due to National Service, studies and work commitments and also for allowing me the opportunity to re-experience the spiritual fellowship in the Word and with the brethren. For a working adult, the church camp was a break from my daily work routine, a time of both spiritual and physical rest. I had been particularly blessed by the rich preaching of God’s Word from the pulpit by our camp speaker, Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo, and our Pastor Koshy as well as our morning devotion speakers. The camp’s theme messages led me to re-examine my own spiritual condition, alerted me to my personal sins and shortcomings and helped me once again to purpose in my heart to be an overcomer with the Holy Spirit’s help. The night messages taught me how to understand depression from the biblical perspective. Besides, I learned many practical lessons from the morning devotions. The Q and A sessions were interesting and insightful as well. I am particularly impressed by the zeal and the vibrancy of our youths, seeing them actively involved as combined games station I/Cs, boldly sharing their testimonies and hearing them encourage one another in the faith. Thank God I could get some (physical) exercise too.

Finally, a word of thanks to the camp committee and the games committee members for a job well done in organizing the camp and combined games respectively. It has been truly a blessed Church Camp 2012!

- Aron Ong -




I expected great messages from Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo and our Pastor in the church camp and I was not disappointed. I thank God for both of them who worked hard to deliver God’s message to the campers, ministering to our hearts and our souls from their immense wealth of knowledge on the word of God. For those who love God, it is impossible not to hunger for more after hearing these two faithful servants of God. Surely it is a foretaste of heaven on earth, a great feast indeed!

I am also thankful to our camp master Dn Francis Lee and his committee as well as those who worked so hard and diligently behind the scenes to ensure the preaching and teaching of God’s Word went without any hindrance or distraction. Everything was so well taken care of and the whole camp programme was carried out with clockwork efficiency. So charged were the participants that many arrived several minutes earlier than required for meetings, demonstrating the immense hunger and appetite they had for the spiritual food as well as for the food served at mealtimes.

The church camp also enabled me to catch up with Gethsemaneans, having been away for a season. I was touched by the love and fellowship that made me very much at home in Gethsemane, that I felt I have never left at all. On one occasion at the breakfast table, Bro John mentioned that many years ago I had declared to him that I would never leave Gethsemane and after that he dreamt that I did leave the church, and several dreams he had, all had come true… You see, John will never speak like this to someone if he has not regarded that someone as a brother of his inner circle of leg-pullers.

It was futile for me to deny anything. I was not watchful and allowed John to stealthily launch an attack and unless I came up with a truthful response, I was a proven liar, courtesy of John and his dreams. My response to John: I was in depression at that time and not knowing how to deal with my afflictions nor wanting to burden our beloved Pastor with my problems, I went away to a new environment with the hope that things would improve and then come back. Thank God for Pastor’s messages on Biblical Perspective of Depression, which was very relevant to me.

In this church camp, I had a greater opportunity to observe the youths and I was thankful that they carried themselves very well. At no time did I see the young ladies dressed in anything shorter than at the knees, even in the games. I think this has become a hallmark of Gethsemane; if a young girl is dressed in a long skirt in a B-P combined fellowship meeting, she must be from Pastor Koshy’s church.

Many of the youths were game station marshals and they showed confidence, patience and resolve in dealing with difficult adults. One example was when a very senior and respected camper decided to test the reaction of the youth at a certain station. His ‘unfounded’ protest was dealt firmly and resolutely by the youth. Although I detected some traces of annoyance in the youth’s replies, I guessed they were due to the familiarity between father and son and nothing disrespectful.

I enjoyed the church camp very much and am already looking forward to the next camp.

- William Lee -


Pastoral Exhortation