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Pastoral 2012

Far Eastern Bible College


50 years of training men for the ministry


On September 17th, 1962, the Lord established FEBC through His servant, Rev Dr Timothy Tow, who was also the founding pastor of Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore. Why was FEBC founded? The answer comes from Rev Tow, “The aim of Far Eastern Bible College is to train a new generation of pastors, teachers, missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ in the Far East” (The Burning Bush, Vol. 1, No. 2). But God has widened FEBC’s horizon to take in students from Africa, Australia, India, China, Canada, etc.

FEBC has been instrumental in passing on the truth of God’s Word from one generation to the other that the church may be furnished with a generation of faithful and fervent pastors and preachers for the nurture of believers in the church. The transmission of the truth of God’s Word from generation to generation is a divine mandate - “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2).

FEBC’s commitment to train young men and women for the ministry of the church has greatly benefited Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Church and her local and foreign Gospel ventures. Our pastors, preachers, missionaries, full-time workers are all trained in FEBC, and we thank God for the resultant unity of doctrine that exist among them. Our members also benefited much through the classes offered by FEBC.

May the Lord bless and keep the college in the coming years for the propagation and defence of the truth. The past 50 years of FEBC is filled with a rich spiritual legacy. It has braved many controversies, and as a result it endured much hardship as well. But God has protected and sustained FEBC till this day.

The Golden Jubilee celebration started last Monday (17th September). A total of 116 FEBC alumni, students, faculty and friends from 14 countries gathered in Mersing for a retreat. It has been a wonderful time of get-together. On Friday, the Alumni Thanksgiving Dinner and Service was held in FEBC campus at 9A Gilstead Rd. Today, at 6 pm, the Golden Jubilee Thanksgiving Service will be held in Calvary Pandan BPC.

The following are some of the testimonies of our pastors and preachers. God willing, more will be published next week.



Rev Reggor Galarpe

I praise God for FEBC!

As my Alma Mater celebrates her Golden Anniversary, it is with great joy to testify for the glory of God of the many blessings received through FEBC.

My time in FEBC is one of the most treasured moments in my life. It was during the “formative” years of my Christian life that the door of opportunity was opened for me to come to Singapore and study God’s Word. I was a young believer then, just been delivered from the bondage of drug addiction and sin when I was burdened of the Lord’s call to go for formal theological training.

In FEBC, I received sound and proper training in the Word of God, not only for my personal edification but also for my equipping for the ministry.

The day-to-day experience in FEBC has also played a great part in my spiritual upbringing, not only learning the many doctrines of the Scriptures but also learning to relate to people especially because the students come from different countries around the world. Add to it, the friendship that has been established with one another. Then, the fatherly mentoring that I have received from the founding principal, Rev Timothy Tow, and the rest of my lecturers as well as the motherly care of our matron, Mrs Ivy Tow.

By God’s grace, I have long returned to my own country, the Philippines, and served in the ministry of the gospel bringing along with me the precious lessons learned from the Halls of FEBC.



Sis Ruth Low

My three and a half years in FEBC were the best years in my life. It was the time God did a spiritual work in me by taking me away from my worldly thinking and lifestyle, and be moulded for His use. FEBC taught me the great value of prayer and how to pray, and instilled in me a high regard for God’s Word which once I had very little interest in. I am truly grateful for the training I received in my mind and heart to know God and His Word better that I may serve Him more acceptably. Praise the Lord for sustaining and using FEBC to bless me and many others throughout the past 50 years. May this institution continue to teach her students powerful, precious and permanent lessons from the Word of God, by the Spirit of God and for the glory of God! “All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee” (Psalm 145:10).



Pr Dennis Kabingue

It is not for a child to choose her mother, and likewise for the mother to choose her child. They are brought together not of their own choice, but by the decretive will of God; so is my entrance into the FEBC family.

Neither did I choose FEBC, nor FEBC chose me. But God arranged it all so that I became a son of FEBC and have her as my Alma Mater.

In 1999, during the break between the Monday night classes in FEBC, I related my calling to the full-time ministry to the late Rev Timothy Tow. He responded with one sentence, “If it is God’s will, He will cooperate with you.”

His words brought great comfort to my heart. In 2003, I saw Rev Tow’s words being fulfilled when His providence brought me to FEBC for training. On the first day of my class in FEBC, 21st July 2003, the late Rev Tow shook my hands, and said: “I am very happy for you, brother”.

For the next five years, the deep study of the sound theology moulded me for the ministry. Those learning years in FEBC were also very trying period for me. Praise the Lord that the trials of faith did not crush me. I thank God for His goodness.

FEBC, my “nourishing mother”, had a great part in preparing me for the ministry. As she celebrates her 50th anniversary, I pray that God may renew her strength for greater ministry of training faithful men for the Lord’s vineyard.



Pr Jeremiah Sim

All glory and honour be unto God for the 50th anniversary of the Far Eastern Bible College, Singapore. I was a student in FEBC from 2005 to 2010. I count it a God-given privilege to be taught and equipped in this college. It was my great pleasure and blessing to be instructed by God-ordained and faithful lecturers. God’s blessing and power is seen in this college because of the lecturers’ godliness and their loyalty to the inerrant and infallible Word of God (the original text underlying the KJV). I have learned the value of faithfulness and fervency in the preaching of the Word through FEBC. May God continue to guide and bless FEBC.



Pr Kelvin Lim

Thanks be to the LORD for the Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC). It was the institution which God has used to equip me for the ministry. I have learned biblical doctrines such as Calvinism and Covenant Theology from this school of prophets. These doctrines have established my faith in Christ, and His words.

One important practical lesson that I have learned in FEBC is: to obey is better than sacrifice (cf. 1 Samuel 15:22). “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). I thank the LORD for the ministry He had given me in Gethsemane Bible- Presbyterian Church, and for equipping me for this work through FEBC.

May the LORD continue to protect and preserve FEBC for the equipping of men (of God) for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Pastoral Exhortation