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Pastoral Exhortation - Series of 2010

My Visit To India


My beloved Gethsemaneans and friends,

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be abundantly yours!

My Visit to India

By the time you read this pastoral letter, I would have left Singapore.

I will be away in India, together with my wife and children, to visit my parents and relatives for about 2 weeks. We have not visited my parents for more than three years. So it is with great joy and excitement that we return to my parents’ home. We covet your prayers for our safety in all our journeying, and also God’s blessings upon our family reunion and fellowship.

There is a deep desire within my heart that God would open for us a Gospel door, in the near future, in India. So I am travelling to India with a prayer that God would use Gethsemane BPC soon to establish a Gospel front for the spreading of His truth.

Almost all the mainline churches in India are gripped by Pentecostalism, Charismatism, neo-evangelicalism and ecumenism. This is also true with churches once standing with ICCC (International Council of Christian Churches, an international fellowship of fundamental churches around the world led by Dr Carl McIntyre). The zeal to be separated from the world and false doctrines, in order to valiantly stand for the truth of God’s Word, is an almost forgone ideology among Christians. The unbiblical unity, ecumenism, is the general trend among most churches. It gives me great pain that the churches in India, which once stood firm on the Word of God and sound evangelical doctrines, increasingly compromises on the truth, resulting in all kinds of errors.

On the top of this, in recent years, I also have to grapple with the propagation of malicious lies about me, especially because of our stand on the verbal, plenary preservation of God’s holy Word. It goes like this, “Pastor Koshy says that God has inspired King James Bible, and therefore even Bibles in other languages are to be rejected.” This fabrication is spread by some men in Singapore who oppose us for our unflinching stand on the doctrine of God’s perfect preservation of His Word. (Let me once again declare our position on this very briefly - God has perfectly preserved every inspired Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek word of the Old and New Testaments. The King James Bible is the most faithful translation in English of the inspired and preserved word of God in the original languages. We do not say that God inspired King James Bible; but it is the best available translation of God’s inspired word in the original languages. Neither do we object to faithful translations of the Bible in other languages.) In this trip, if God would permit, I hope to clarify this with those who have been falsely informed of our position on God’s Word. Brethren, let us not be like men who want to be critics of the Bible. Let us pray that God would awaken Protestant Christians everywhere against the critical attitude of modern scholars towards God’s Word.

Support the ministries of the church generously

Our church’s annual expenses have reached almost S$900,000. I am so thankful to the Lord that you have been cheerful and generous supporters of all the various works of the Gospel that our church is entrusted with.

For the last few years, in the period of August- December, our church accounts show a deficit. But when it was made known to you, you gave generously to meet the need. Now it has become necessary to call your attention to the increasing deficit during this financial year that started in July 2010. Our deficit has reached S$40,000. We cannot allow the coming months to continue in deficits, if our ministries everywhere were to continue without disruptions. I am sure that you would respond readily and joyfully to this need for funds according to the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon you. May the ‘riches of your liberality’ abound towards the needs of the Lord’s work in our church. Brethren, let us also make these needs of the ministry a matter of our earnest prayer. The Lord will surely bless us.

Gethsemane Bible Institute, Cebu, the Philippines

It has been our prayer for more than a year that God would help us begin a Bible Institute in the Philippines for the equipping of the saints and training of preachers and pastors. I have also been encouraging our missionaries in the Philippines to work towards the setting up of a Bible Institute. In my last trip to the Philippines in June, Rev Reggor Galarpe and our other missionaries indicated their readiness to begin night lectures as a preliminary step to establishing a Bible Institute. It is my joy to inform you that the night lectures have begun on the 8th of November. Please read the following report from Rev Galarpe:

“... Last night was the start of our Monday Night Class, from the 17 who signed up for the night class, 24 people came to attend and have indicated their intention to come regularly. I thank God also for His provisions - we were able to make a whiteboard through the labours of Bro. Victor and Bro. Samuel, with the assistance of the TGCM brothers, and also to buy other resources needed in the class lectures. I thank the Lord also for His grace upon me to be able to come up with the lecture notes, to be given out on a weekly basis.”

We are thankful that we have presently five local FEBC graduates who are able to contribute to the effective running of the Bible Institute. They are Rev Galarpe, Richard Tiu, Eliezer Ortega, Dominino dela Cruz and Edsel Locot. With these brethren serving as teachers, we can hold classes regularly. Now I am working with Rev Galarpe and Bro Richard Tiu to develop courses and syllabus. Let us pray that our humble beginning will be blessed by the Lord so that Gethsemane’s Gospel outreach will be further enhanced through this new undertaking of a Bible Institute. “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Till we meet again, may His grace keep and bless all of you.

Affectionately in Christ,

Your pastor

Testimony - Seniors’ outing to Johor, Malaysia

I thank God for the wonderful oneday tour to Johor, Malaysia, organised by the Gethsemane Seniors' Ministry. How wonderful it is to see, touch, smell and taste the fruit of God's creation. We also went to the fish farm but the fishes were shy; we saw only one which showed up.

Thank you to the good people who planned and made this a very enjoyable trip. It was a great day of fellowship and listening to God's Word. It was a long, wonderful day. My body was tired but my soul enjoyed every moment. God is so good, He made it rain in the morning so that we could enjoy the cool day. How great is God our Father who doeth all things well.

To God be the glory and thank you so much to all who made the trip possible.

Rebecca Delina

Pastoral Exhortation