Our Evil Hearts Must Be Renewed!

Mark 7:23

“All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.”

Jesus was explaining and insisting to the Jews that what was most needed for a man was not ritualistic external cleansing of hands and feet, but the cleansing of the inner man. This is because every man’s heart harbours many evil thoughts and desires that lead to evil actions, which Jesus mentioned in Mark 7:21-22.

So, our real and urgent need is not external ritualistic washing which cannot purify our depraved hearts, but rather the cleansing and transformation of our hearts. Jesus Christ came to cleanse the hearts of those who trust in Him. His blood was shed on the cross to cleanse them of the guilt of their sins. He, by the Holy Spirit, also gives them a new heart. Only the Spirit of God can grant us hearts that desire holiness and purity.

To renew hearts that are characterised by all sorts of wicked thoughts, attitudes and actions, we need the divine help of our Lord and His Spirit. If we submit our hearts to the Holy Spirit that the Lord has sent to us, we can think and live righteously.

Children, we must seek the Lord’s help not only for the cleansing of our hearts from all their impure thoughts, but also to keep our hearts in all purity.

Prabhudas Koshy