Online Bible Conference

Jored Ballega
Attending the Online Bible Conference was a joyful and wonderful experience. I thank God for the blessed time of learning the Scriptures, cheerful singing, interesting Bible trivia and happy fellowship with my friends here in Singapore and even in other countries. I am thankful that my friends in the Philippines, even my cousins – Kuya Ayen and Ellyse – were able to attend the Conference and hear the preaching of God’s Word. I pray that both my cousins and the rest of our relatives would know Jesus and be saved.

I also thank God for my teachers, Pr Kelvin, Pr Jeremiah, ‘Korkor’ Cornelius and Auntie Luan Kheng, for patiently and lovingly teaching the Bible lessons, that all the children may understand God’s will, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand” (Revelation 1:3). As my teacher expounded, there’s a blessing in reading and hearing the Bible. In my daily life, I must also keep and obey faithfully the things that are written in the Scriptures. Then only I can be a good testimony for Jesus. I pray that Jesus will help me to be diligent in studying the Scriptures, and give me good understanding. The time is hastening for Jesus’ return, so I must also be quick to reach out to my friends and relatives. May God give me the boldness to speak of His goodness to other people, tell them how Jesus can save their souls from the evil of sin, and tell them of the blessings of believing on Jesus. May I be like Paul who preached everywhere bravely. May the Lord help and bless me. Amen.