Let the LORD be Your Defence

Psalm 94:22

“But the LORD is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge.”

Children, do you know that the LORD is the Great Defender of all those who trust in Him? We are not strong enough to defend ourselves against the attacks of Satan and all his armies (demons, the world, false teachers, etc.). Being aware that we are surrounded by very powerful and evil enemies of our souls, we realise that we cannot defend ourselves. We are too weak to protect ourselves. Our enemy, the devil, and his hosts would easily trounce us.

If you trust in the LORD, you have the LORD as your Defender against all the temptations and trials that Satan would unleash against you. You have no need to fear. You can confidently say that “the LORD is my defence”.

The LORD is a strong shelter to all who pray to Him in their troubles. Like the psalmist, you can also say of the LORD, “my God is the rock of my refuge”. Ancient people hid in the clefts and caves of the rocks to escape catastrophic winds, lightning and other destructive forces of nature. Rocks were their natural fortifications in times of calamities. Likewise, we must hasten to the LORD for our defence. When you are sad or afraid, encourage yourself in the LORD, saying, “The LORD is my defence, and He will keep me safe in Himself, for the LORD is my rock and refuge.”

Prabhudas Koshy