Discretion Leads to Compassion

Psalm 112:5

“A good man sheweth favour, and lendeth: he will guide his affairs with discretion.”

The Old Testament Hebrew word translated as “discretion” means judgment. It speaks of applying God’s Word accurately in all circumstances of life to make the right choice or decision.

Every child of God who desires to be good in the sight of his heavenly Father, must conduct himself by applying God’s Word. He decides what to say or do by considering what God has spoken in His Word. The responses of God’s children to life’s various situations are guided by the wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word. This makes them individuals with discretion.

They will not only avoid behavior that is contrary to the Bible, but also actively pursue the things God has instructed in the Bible. A discreet person is one who acts according to God’s Word. Such biblical conduct transforms him to be kind, loving and holy. Hence, the Bible calls such a person “a good man”.

A good man will show compassion (“favour”) and generosity (for he “lendeth”) towards the needy. A man with discretion will act as God requires of him, even to help those in need of things. If you are a child of discretion, you will not be unkind or cruel, but sympathetic and helpful to others around you.

Prabhudas Koshy