A Prayer for God’s Deliverance from Evil Persons

Psalm 140:1

“Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man.”

The psalmist was troubled by a particular man who plotted to do evil to him. That wicked person was also a violent man. Naturally, the psalmist was concerned about the injury and harm that evil man could inflict on him. So, he prayed to the Lord for deliverance from that evil man.

God’s people often have enemies who do not like their faith, honesty and righteous paths. From time to time, such persons can be hostile and may even attempt to cause hurt to the believers. Nevertheless, we must not fear but seek the Lord in prayer, just as the psalmist did.

The famous Reformer, Martin Luther, had many enemies who threatened him. A German prince (the Elector), who was Luther’s friend, once told him that he feared he could no longer protect him. In response, Luther wrote him a letter: “I come under far higher protection than yours; nay, I behold that I am more likely to protect your Grace than your Grace to protect me. He who has the strongest faith is the best protector.”

When his friends asked Luther: “Where will you find shelter if the Elector does not protect you?”, he said: “Under the broad shield of God.” Children, there are evil people who can harm you, but always trust and pray to our Strong Deliverer, the LORD Almighty. Never fear or flee your duties, when enemies arise. Trust the Lord for courage.

Prabhudas Koshy