The Gethsemane Children’s Ministry (GCM) currently has three separate programs on the Lord’s Day. They are the Children’s Choir, the Junior Worship (JW), and the Children's Bible Study (CBS). GCM also organizes special programs like outings, and other evangelistic meetings throughout the year.

The children’s choir is held before the worship service, and is open to children from the age of 4-12. This ministry educates our children to discipline themselves in order to serve God with their voices. The hymns and choruses that they memorize for presentations help them to remember the bible lessons learned in JW and CBS.

The Junior Worship is held concurrently with the worship service. There are three classes, Gentleness (Nursery), Meekness (Kindergarten), and Goodness (Primary 1–3). These classes begin with a time of praise, followed by the bible lesson and conclude with a time of craft or worksheet.

The Children's Bible Study is held in the afternoon from 1:30 pm to 3:00pm  There are three classes, Nursery to Kindergarten, Primary 1 to Primary 3, and the Primary 4 to 6. All classes are currently studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Come and join us if you are 4–12 years old, see you on the Lord’s Day!