Gethsemane Adult's Fellowship

Welcome to the webpage of the Gethsemane Adults’ Fellowship (GAF) !

GAF is a ministry that reaches out to church members and friends above 35 years old to edify them through Christian fellowship around the Word of God. Most of the GAF members are married with children. So, one of the major emphases of GAF is a biblical family life. Godly families result in godly service in the Church and a godly witness in society. GAF strongly affirms that the family is the foundational building block for the Church. Every family member has a God-ordained responsibility (Col 3:18-20). Hence every Christian should possess the right understanding of God’s plan for a godly family. Otherwise, the onslaught of the devil and the world will quickly overwhelm and destroy the integrity and unity of Christian families.

The Adults’ Fellowship meets on every fourth Saturday of the month in the homes of members. There are also outings with games that promote interaction and fellowship in the Lord. We welcome you to join our fellowship meetings and programs. If you require further information, please call our Church Resource Center @ 6741 1910.