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The work of the Gospel at Alem Gena began in January 2009 with two persons attending the Lord’s Day service. God sustained the work and gave the increase despite insurmountable trials. Our evangelistic efforts in the neighbourhood bore fruits and to date, fourteen adults have joined the church through baptism or transfer of membership.

With fourteen communicant members, seven catechumens, five regular worshippers and seven children, our primary focus is to spread the Gospel to the community in our neighbourhood to win more souls for Christ. We have a team of five believers which goes out every Thursday afternoon to evangelize the people. Though the harvest is plenteous, the ground is hard; but we trust the power of the risen Christ to give us good success as we obey Him. Members are also encouraged to evangelize their siblings, their friends and neighbours.

By God’s mercy, we are also preparing to go into the rural villages adjacent to Alem Gena to preach the Gospel. These villagers are mainly animists who are devotees of ancestral spirits while the rest are adherents to the Ethiopian Coptic Church. We need much prayer for the fruitfulness of this great work.

Moreover, plans are under way to start an evangelistic children’s ministry on Saturdays. In conjunction with this, we also aspire to start a kindergarten that will give us better access to the community. We need more skilled and committed believers to fulfil these plans. May God raise faithful men and women to give the light of Christ to this sin-darkened world.

Rev Ephrem Chiracho Ouchula
Gethsemane B-P Church of Ethiopia,
Alem Gena