The Gethsemane Care Ministry — Cebu

About TGCM

The Gethsemane Care Ministry (Cebu) is a church-based Christian ministry that reaches out to drug dependents and substance abusers. The ministry provides a 12-month residential counseling program for the drug dependents through the transforming power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, to help overcome their addiction. The ministry helps to establish and build up one’s relationship with God, by acknowledging one’s sins and the need of a Saviour in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The ministry employs the Bible as the very foundation in its counseling. The ministry believes that the Bible is sufficient to transform a drug dependent, to comfort the weary and to build them up in truth and holiness. Through biblical teachings, prayer, fellowship, and service in the church the converted addict would find love, edification and hope.

A typical day in the ministry starts with the reading and meditation of the Bible, followed by a morning devotion, where the Word of God is preached and made applicable to the converted addict. The day ends with the reading of the Bible at night.

Though our method of counseling is primarily spiritual, the ministry also brings into consideration the physical aspect of Man. The ministry upholds the Scriptural truth that our body is the temple of God. Through the many years of drug use, the physical wellness of the drug dependent is deteriorated. The physical fitness activities of the ministry would help restore the physical well being of the drug dependent.

Another aspect of a person that is greatly affected by prolonged and constant drug use is his negative attitude towards work. The ministry has its work activities to spur back a positive outlook towards work. In a way, the work activities would also keep the person busy. “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.”

Loved ones and relatives are encouraged to visit the converted addict. This would greatly help in his restoration back to the family and getting reconciled with them for all the mischief and misbehaviors in the past. Visiting days are on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.

The ministry’s ultimate goal is to bring a person into repentance from sins and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord, as well as to pursue a godly life for the glory of God.