Gethsemane Bible Institute — Cebu

About GBI

GBI is established (i)to equip laymen with sound doctrines of God’s Word, and (ii)to provide biblical training to those who are called to be full-time pastors, preachers and missionaries.

Our doctrine is consonant with the Biblical, Reformed, Premillennial doctrines of Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Church and we make an unequivocal stand on the verbal plenary inspiration and preservation of the Bible in the original languages. We uphold the Authorized (King James) Version to be the best, most faithful and most beautiful translation of the Bible in the English language; we employ it as our standard text in teaching the English Bible for all courses.

The present GBI faculty consists of pastors and preachers of GBPC. We do welcome teachers who are like-minded in the doctrines and practices of GBPC to join us.

Situated in the heart of the city of Cebu, the Philippines, GBI operates within the premises of GBPC. The setting provides our students with a conducive as well as a practical environment for theological studies in the context of the church ministry. GBI accepts local and foreign students from our own church as well as other churches as long as they will not oppose the doctrines of GBI.

GBI courses are offered under three main programs of full-time study – Basic Theology, Advanced Theology and Pastoral Ministry. Each GBI academic year is divided into two semesters (June-October; November-March).